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A little common sense can go a long way...

And we're full of it.

Common sense, that is.

It's not enough to be good at your job to succeed anymore - it's also important to know how to navigate your way around the workplace.

At Smart Touch, we provide common-sense approaches, based on practical experience, to prepare you for the situations and challenges that can come your way at work.

We're just getting started, but we invite you to explore our growing collection of insights:

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Hello and welcome!

I'm Karen DeMartine, author, speaker and founder of Smart Touch Communications LLC.


I've listened and talked with many professionals over the years, and here's what I learned - many of us face similar challenges in the different stages of our career.  And if we're lucky, we have a trusted boss, colleague, mentor, friend or relative to offer an experienced perspective or guidance when we need it.

With this in mind, I established Smart Touch to support the success of young professionals with common-sense strategies for navigating the workplace based on experience and insight. 

A little background about myself - I've worked with Fortune 500 executives throughout my career as a public relations advisor, first at one of the world's largest PR agencies in New York City and then as head of my own PR firm.  Smart Touch is my second company.

A graduate of Harvard University, I also raised two young professionals and three dogs - all of whom, in spite of my parenting, turned out just fine.

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